Hawaii – Big Island


Hawaii, paradise on earth – with lots of wind and rain and scorched earth :)
Big Island is a little different from what one might expect (not as many coconut trees and hula girls), but it is a very cool island.

DSCN7212 DSCN7226 DSCN7232 DSCN7069 DSCN7093 DSCN7167








Mauna Kea, at 4200 metres above sea level is host of the only site for Astronomers to watch all of the northern hemisphere
and almost all (85%) of the southern hemisphere, which is unique in the world. We went there as well to have a look at some stars and planets.
Saturn provided quite a show :)

DSCN7192 DSCN7175





Today we did nothing, exept a lot of driving, more or less once around the island (Big Island is in fact pretty big), oh, and some snorkeling
with sea turtles. Awesome ;)






Tomorrow we’ll go to the volcano state park, hope to provide some cool pictures of that as well…

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