Hawaii – Kilauea (on Big Island)

Oh yea, volcano time!!

Unfortunately the lava flow to the sea stopped flowing a few month ago, so currently the only way to see the lava was by helicopter. That’s what we did; starting from Hilo on Big Island.
The view was quite impressive, some hot lava and many now cold lava flows and lava tubes could be seen.

DSCN7352 DSCN7287 DSCN7310 DSCN7351 DSCN7356







Later that day we went up to the Kilauea main crater and were hiking through Kilauea Iki craterĀ (‘iki’ means ‘small’ in Hawaiian).

DSCN7430 DSCN7444 DSCN7505 DSCN7511







All this after we witnessed the Dutch loose against Argentina. So Nadine Iki and I had quite a busy day which was also our last on Big Island. The next day we already flew over to Maui for some beach vacation. Updates will follow :)

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