Hawaii – Maui Week 1

As there is more to Maui than sunsets and palm trees, here is a small add-on to the last post. We will stay on this island for 2 full weeks and got us a car, as public transport is poor and would not get us to the interesting places at all.



The underwater world is stunning. However, there is a lot of wind as well and the waters along the coast where we reside is murky most of the time. We found one bay with very clear water, but I forgot to bring the Gopro… I hope to deliver better pictures later, also from the sea turtles which seem to be quite abundant here.













There are rainforests as well, but we have not seen those yet, apart from some trees close to one of the bays. And there is this one big, currently inactive, volcano named Haleakala to the east. I must admit I love these volcanoes and the crude landscape they form. I hope these pictures give a bit of an insight on how enormous and special these places are.

DSCN7791 DSCN7790 DSCN7785 DSCN7654 DSCN7742 DSCN7702 DSCN7768 DSCN7765 DSCN7750 DSCN7676 DSCN7641














We take it quite easy for once and we did not do or see that much on the first week here. We do have plans for our second week however so stay tuned for the next update. Cheers!

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