Canada – Week 1

This is our last step already. We arrived in Vancouver last Saturday and got us a car and a tent and went straight over to Vancouver Island.
Canada looks pretty much the same as Switzerland. Lakes, rivers, and trees. Except that there there is the sea, whales, bears, cougars, and an awful lot of trees, some of them enormous in size!

We have been to Victoria, Coombs, Ucluelet and Tofino so far. We came up with a lot of pictures, below is just a sneak peek:

DSCN8321 DSCN8467 DSCN8472 WP_20140730_035 DSCN8633








And this, this is a humpback whale.



As boat drivers are allowed to approach only 100 metres to these impressive animals, here is a zoomed shot and a picture of some sea lions. We took these photos off the coast of Ucluelet during a morning whale watching tour.

whale_large DSCN8412

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