Canada – Week 2

First a few pictures which we actually took in our first week on a beautiful hiking trip into around Mount Arrowsmith. Marvelous scenery with mountains, lakes, the sea and – of course – forest:

DSCN8672 DSCN8662 DSCN8671





From there we made our way to the northern shore of the Island and stayed in a very small but cute place named Telegraph Cove, which is mostly built on wooden stilts. Here we booked another whale watching tour on a boat, which was enormously successful (Dall Porpoise, Orcas and Humpback Whales) and another tour by kayak (Dall Porpoise and Orcas).






By now we had a bear-free vacation, but that changed on the forest campsite at Telegraph cove. We had a black bear sniffing around our tent during the night, its footprints marking its way:



So we finished that night in the car…

That was if from the island, we drove back south and took the ferry from Comox over to Powell River on the Sunshine Coast (Canadian Mainland) and ended up in a nice little place named Lund, from where we went on a one-day-trip to yet another island named Savary Island. This little gem is about 7 km long and just a few hundred metres wide, but we had the best view at lunch in all our 14 weeks. Also the water was relatively warm, and good for a swin. The sunset was taken from Lund itself.

DSCN9011 DSCN9025 DSCN8975





After two nights in Lund we drove back on Wednesday to Vancouver to sleep in a real bed once more after 11 nights in a tent :)

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