And then Sydney, sure you know the main sights :) so here they are once again…
sitting at the Sydney Airport right now, having a burger and hurrying to upload the latest photos. Flying to Hawaii now!!! :D
cheers and take care

DSCN6789 DSCN6803 DSCN6948 DSCN6947 DSCN6881 DSCN7042

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Cairns n more

Been to Cairns, on a sailing boat to the reef, to the north in Cooktown and Laura (rodeo) and back via Cape Tribulation to Cairns. The beard grows, need Vaseline to prevent water from entering diving mask :o

Barrier Reef (from Cairns):








Cooktown and Laura

DSCN6475 RSCN6557 DSCN6522 DSCN6538







Cape Tribulation

DSCN6562 DSCN6588 DSCN6743 DSCN6649


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Australia – Townsville

Wow, civilisation! thats something new :)
Townsville is not so bad for a city of 200000 people, quite nice and very clean. We soon decided to spend a day on Magnetic Island which offers many a small bay only reachable by foot.


DSCN5809 DSCN5785 DSCN5710





Also there is a hill in the middle of the city which offers a great 360 degree view on the place and its surroundings.

DSCN5849 DSCN5864




After three nights we started our way north direction of Cairns. Our first stop was in Ingham where we found the largest single drop waterfall of whole Australia.
The Wallaman fall plunges 268 metres over an impressive cliff. You can drive up to view the fall from above, and there is a path through the rain forest to get to the very bottom of the fall as well. This for sure was one of the highlights of our Australia visit.

DSCN5944 DSCN5973 DSCN6004 DSCN5996

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Australia – Outback


After Lichfield we started our journey to the east coast, but first the road took us south to Catherine.
The famous Nitmiluk-Gorge (formerly named Catherine-Gorge) is famous for a reason: it is a very big and impressive gorge. We took a canoo to drive to explore its beauty.
From there went further south almost to Tennant Creek where we turned eastward, until we finally arrived in Townsville on the eastcoast after almost 4 days of driving through the outback.


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Australia – Lichfield

We exited Kakadoo on the southern highway and made our way back north to Lichfield Park (that was required because I got meself a bloody cold in Singapore and Lichfield has all the nice creeks and waterfalls with pools to swim in).



The pictures below are all from Lichfield, where we took a “day off” to relax and just swim and sleep. Still, we were pretty active. Visited Wangi Falls, The Cascades, Torrent Falls, Florence Falls and Buley Rockhole. Each site was open for swimming except for the Torrent Falls and all were absolutely beautiful.

Next on our tour: the way down south and later east to Townsville/Cairns. Currently we are at Catherine, an update of the road trip will follow.
















Cheers and take care!

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Australia – Darwin and Kakadoo

After a sleepless four-hour-flight we arrived in Darwin, Australia early in the morning on June 7th where we got our Britz campervan. We stayed on a campsite there for two
nights and visited the beautiful Berry Springs.

DSCN5192 DSCN5170 DSCN5145 DSCN5140








After that it was off to Kakadoo National Park where we spent three nights and visited many beautiful locations, lookouts and took a sunset boat tour at Yellow Water. Marvelous and very interesting it was.

DSCN5224 WP_20140610_024 WP_20140610_094 DSCN5396 WP_20140610_062 DSCN5312 DSCN5323 DSCN5334 DSCN5342 DSCN5394 DSCN5382

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Welcome to Holland Village aka Singapore. Something different for once :)DSCN4981

We decided that we want to see Singapore as well, so we shortened our Myanmar trip by 3 nights to have some time to see the city.
Using the tourist bus and MRT (Metro) pass we were roaming around the city. Little India, China Town, Downtown, the harbour and so – oh, and the Godzilla movie.
We went to McDonalds, Burger King, Subway, Cinema, Sushi and an exceptionally good Italian restaurant (at least for Asian measures).

WP_20140604_020 DSCN4906 DSCN5010





The weather was not very good throughout the three days, but it was still very hot and terribly humid.

DSCN4956 DSCN4946 DSCN4936 DSCN4883








Its more than one week since we arrived in Australia, but Wifi is very hard to come by in Campsites here, so this article is a bit old already… :)

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Myanmar – Week 3

We took an overnight bus to Inle Lake in the southern Shan-state. The bus was ok, but cooled down to 13 degrees Celsius. We were lucky not to catch a cold…

Inle Lake and the village Niangshwe were very nice, and actually pretty clean. We found many good restaurants with local and other food. The lake itself is often more like a pond which just did not fully grow over, still there were some beautiful places to be seen.

DSCN4692 DSCN4705 DSCN4731 DSCN4700 DSCN4684







I found myself a good friend. He did not have a name, but came with 24 gears, disc brakes and even a carbon frame. It was Asian sized, but I cannot complain :)


So my friend and I had a nice trip around Inle Lake, as far as possible. Some of the way was done by taxi boat.

WP_20140601_008 WP_20140601_063




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Myanmar – Week 2

After our stay in Bagan we made our way to Hsipaw via Mandalay. While we did not really enjoy Mandalay, Hsipaw was all the better. The village lies to the north-east in the northern Shan state, which is supposedly cooler and the base for trekking tours.


We took the train from Mandalay to Hsipaw. The linear distance between the two places is no more than 150km, still it took the train up to 11 hours to get there. It was a very interesting time. The coaches have no real windows, just wholes without glass. One had to watch out for branches to hit you in the face when sitting at the ‘window’.

You could buy local food and drinks at every stop which made the long trip even more pleasant.

DSCN4462 DSCN4429 DSCN4413 DSCN4465







After a long 12 hours in the buffalo train (named such because buffaloes are generally faster) we arrived at Hsipaw, a village in the north-east of Myanmar, in the northern Shan-state. We met a few tourists, even local ones.


We then went for a two day trek towards the mountains and local villages of different minorities. It was awfully hot, but we were rewarded with nice meals and lots of green tea (which is actually produced in those villages).

DSCN4514 DSCN4588 DSCN4531 DSCN4661 DSCN4649 DSCN4598








We spent four nights in Hsipaw at Mr. Charles Hotel. They asked whether one can teach them to bake bread, this is the result. It almost tasted like at home :)


Now we are looking forward to visit Inle-Lake, our last site to visit in Myanmar.


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Myanmar – Week 1

On May 17th we arrived at Yangon, Myanmar. Loud, hot and very different, that was our first impression.

The locals on the other hand are very friendly and helpful. In just one day in the city we ran into some nice people and experienced the local way of life and the hospitality here.

We just had one day in Yangon where we organized a bus ticket to Bagan and took a look at the Shewadon Pagoda some markets and a park.

DSCN3974DSCN3997 DSCN4033 DSCN3963 DSCN4012







Bagan is most known for its thousans of Pagodas (or the remainders thereof). You really cant miss them as they are pretty much everywhere. Of course there are some especially beautiful places, some pictures are below.

WP_20140521_032 DSCN4118 DSCN4160 DSCN4241 DSCN4083 DSCN4293







The place is really amazing, also we found a nice little hotel which luckily had a pool as well without which we would not have sustained the heat here.

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